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Site Map

The website of the Office of the President has been designed in compliance with general principles of accessible design:

  1. 1、Every page on the site can be navigated via the keyboard, without any need for a mouse.
  2. 2、The website features accesskeys (:::) that visitors can use to jump to the main sections of the site.
  3. 3、All images on the website are tagged with descriptive text.
  4. 4、Descriptive text pops up whenever the user hovers the cursor over a link, so that the user can see what links lead to without actually clicking into them.

Navigation links in this website are grouped into three major blocks:

  1. (1)Top block
  2. (2)Main content
  3. (3)Bottom block

The accesskeys, also known as shortcut keys, are defined as follows:

  • Alt+U:Top block
  • Alt+C:Main content
  • Alt+S:Search
  • Alt+Z:Bottom block

If your browser is Firefox,the accesskeys will be Shift+Alt+(accesskey letter).For example, Shift+Alt+C will let webpage jump to the center area of this page,and so on.

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